A bomber is alot of beer-No-Li

A bomber is the term for a 22-ounce bottle, sold as a single in the United States.  The European and Australian standard large bottle is 750-milliliter (25.4 U.S. fl oz; 26.4 imp fl oz). In South Africa and Canada they are referred to as a “quart”; in Australia they are known colloquially as a “longneck”,”king brown”, “tallie”, or simply a “bottle”. Wikipedia

According to The Weekly Brew; Etymology of beer. “One of the most curious beer terms is the use of the word “bomber” being used to refer to the 22oz bottle package format. Although this bottle size has been around since the pre-prohibition era, the origin of the term isn’t as clear.

And from Craft Beer Joe, “My goal when drinking a beer is to enjoy the taste, complexity and style. So quality is much more important than quantity. Bombers are simply more beer than what I want to consume in a single session.” “These are my preferences but I know many that feel the same way. This means that we must save the craft beer bombers for sharing with a friend or a group at a bottle share.”


If you drink alcohol, remember the importance of educating yourself about what you are drinking. Knowing standard drink sizes along with the number of drinks per container will help you make informed decisions about your drinking.  Stay within low-risk drinking levels!


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