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Well Healthy Ways are strategies that support a healthy lifestyle.  I blog weekly and include strategies for moving, eating real “good” food, and connecting with others as part of regular routines.  My goal is to inspire a focus on you first, by suggesting strategies that could fit for your lifestyle with action steps that move you in the direction of wellness and health!

Are you looking for an advocate to support you as you initiate your path to higher levels of health and wellness?  I learned in certification training that strong communication skills lay the foundation for effective coaching. Michael Arloski’s excellent blog post entitled Seven Expressions of Courageous Coaching encourages us to stand with our clients. As a wellness and health coach I will:

  • Be a non-judgmental, empathic and compassionate ally.
  • Demonstrate belief in my client’s abilities and capacities.
  • Challenge my clients to take the next step.
  • Recognize measurable change in behavior, self-confidence and connectedness that will lead a client to lasting lifestyle changes.

Questions regarding Wellness and Health Coaching can be emailed to me at jan@wellhealthyways.com.