October 1st-The perfect day

My featured image for this post is a photo of my mom on her porch with a bouquet I sent her for Thanksgiving.  Since I could not be there to eat her delicious meal, I would often send her flowers for her holiday table.

I started blogging about wellness and health on 9/28/15 and I posted on most weekdays until early this year when my mom passed away. Edie Albright was my first and most influential health and wellness role model and after she died, the words just would not come.  I realized that I needed time for my heart to heal.

(A Tree-Free  greeting card)

Today was a beautiful fall day just made for biking in the mountains.  The air was crisp and clear and you could feel a chill in the wind.

Fall has always been a time of new beginnings for me, so I decided that October 1st was a great day to return my health and wellness blogging. Please look this week to see what I have been doing to support my own personal wellness foundation in the past six months.


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