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National Suicide Prevention Month

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. The American Association of Suicidology (AAS) believes we need focus on suicide prevention every day of the year. To do this we can spread awareness, advocate for research funding, and help to educate others on things like resources and warning signs. It’s time to get involved, but not just […]
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9/11 Memorial

According to the Pew Reserch Center, Americans name 9/11 as the number one event of historical significance that occurred in their lifetime.  Last October, I visited the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. Visiting was a powerful reminder of what took place 18 years ago. It is a tragedy of historic proportions. Each person who […]
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January 2019

In 2016, an NCAA mental-health task force developed a number of best practices ranging from protocols for athletes in crisis to promoting overall mental well-being.  In January 2018, the death by suicide of Washington State quarterback Tyler Hilinski reinforced the continuing need for mental-health services to support student athletes.  Hilinski’s Hope Foundation is a non-profit […]
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Peer Pressure/The Power of Parents

It is fall and school is back in session.  Do you remember how it felt to start back to school each fall?  Your memories may range from anticipation and excitement to anxiety and fear. An excellent article in discussed ways parents can help kids resist peer pressure so that they can stay healthy. It […]
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2018 National Hazing Prevention Week

Each year National Hazing Prevention Week NHPW is officially designated for the last full week of September each year. What-Hazing is a process, based on a tradition that is used by groups to discipline and to maintain the hierarchy (i.e., a pecking order). Where-Hazing occurs in middle school and high schools, as well as in […]
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Summer in the Mountains

There is nothing quite like watching the sun rise in the mountains.  The views are breathtaking and the mountain air is fresh and clean.  I captured these shots of the sun coming up behind the hills as I was looking east across this open space. Now this is a healthy way to start your day!

Summer on an Island

As the summer moves closer to fall, the island sunrise has a more typical appearance. However, on this morning the clouds had an unusual pattern and there were no boats fishing off shore. Often when I look out at Puget Sound I will see a large container ship moving swiftly south and soon after it […]
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Summer in the City

Summer in Seattle this year was very warm and sunny.  Unfortunately, we also had to deal with smokey skies due to western wildfires that significantly impacted our air quality. I did get in some sweaty bikes, took in some beautiful city views, and watched the seaplanes swoop down onto Lake Union. Summer’s not over yet!

Spontaneous Fun

One day last week I felt the need to have some fun and decided to spontaneously take a few hours to attend the Chelan County fair in Cashmere WA. I had not been to a county fair in decades and I headed straight for the swine barn.  The pigs have always been my favorite since […]
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Stuck in a Rut?

Last weekend I was out at Lake Sammamish State Park to watch the start of the MFG cyclocross season. I lived near this amazing park for decades and have vivid memories of hanging out here to bike, picnic, swim, walk our dogs, and just have fun playing with our sons.  I realized I was stuck […]
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