The week after my mom passed away is still a bit of a blur for me, but I remember well coming back to Seattle and packing for a trip we had planned to Hawaii long before her death.  I will not forget the ache of my broken heart and thinking to myself, how do I get through this pain?

I knew that I would need to somehow stay healthy while I was grieving. What I learned was that I had to go back to what I know about the importance of health and wellness-about taking care of yourself first.

A few days after celebrating amazing Edie’s life, I was heading to Hawaii. I could barely see the other planes through the raindrops on the window which looked like my tears.  As we lifted off above Puget Sound, below was Vashon Island, which holds so many special memories of hanging out with Edie!

And as I looked up, mom illuminated the sky just above the clouds.


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