Coping Strategies

I have been grieving the loss of my mom most of the year.  As the news from Las Vegas unfolded this week, it has been difficult to grasp the number of people who are grieving the loss of their loved one or lived through this unimaginable act of terrorism.  If a circle was drawn around each of those victims to include all of that person’s family, friends, coworkers and even just acquaintances, the numbers would be staggering!

Coping strategies to assist on the journey forward:

  • take good care of yourself first (eat healthy, get  sleep)
  • work to maintain your daily schedule/routine
  • participate in fun activities
  • find ways to laugh
  • think positive thoughts and know it may take time to feel better
  • limit exposure to media coverage
  • seek out supportive people (ask for help)

I am a morning person and I love to take photos of the sun rising. My mom loved the moon, and would wait and watch for it to rise each evening.  I have a difficult time photographing a beautiful moon.

I will forever think of my mom when I look up and see the moon!


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