Quit Smoking For Yourself

Smokers today have a greater risk of developing lung cancer than did smokers in 1964. Quitting is a journey-start now!

Well Healthy Ways

My mom smoked for 25 years and decided to quit smoking with the birth of her first grandchild.  She also hoped that if she stopped smoking, it would support and encourage my dad to quit smoking. Sadly, he died of lung cancer due to his three pack-a-day habit at the age of 66.  My father-in-law died of COPD related symptoms 10 years later, both of their lives cut short due to cigarrette smoking. “Quit smoking today for your life!”

CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-Smoking

What’s Your Reason to Quit?

Everyone has their own reasons for quitting smoking. Maybe they want to be healthier, save some money, or keep their family safe. As you prepare to quit, think about your own reasons for quitting. Remind yourself of them every day. They can inspire you to stop smoking for good. Whatever your reasons, you will be amazed at all the…

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