Quit Smoking Plan

Have you tried before and failed to quit smoking?  Develop a quit smoking plan AND just keep trying-you can do it!

Proven tobacco control strategies and programs, in combination with enhanced strategies to rapidly eliminate the use of cigarettes and other combustible, or burned, tobacco products, will help us achieve a society free of tobacco-related death and disease. 

Well Healthy Ways

I remember vividly when my mom stopped smoking.  While I was in college, she and my sister came to visit me with my beautiful new niece Dawn and my mom had stopped smoking!  I also know from my conversations with her that she mentioned numerous times that “quitting smoking was the hardest thing she has ever done”!  Another thing she mentioned was that you should keep trying to stop even if you start again because the next attempt you will be successful.   “Develop a quit smoking plan today!”

CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-Smoking

Have You Built a Quit Plan?

One of the keys to a successful quit is preparation. A great way to prepare to quit smoking is to create a quit plan. Quit plans:

  • Combine quit smoking strategies to keep you focused, confident, and motivated to quit
  • Help you identify challenges you will face as…

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