Eat An Apple

I love apples! When I was growing up in the midwest my mom used to tell me “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.  There is research to support this claim.  “Eat an apple each day”.

I now live in Washington state which is leading producer of apples in the US.  Almost 2/3 of all of the apples grown in the nation come from Washington State.


WashACLogoThe Washington State Apple Commission Logo


The Washington State Apple Commission site outlines some of the health benefits of apples including as a delicious source of dietary fiber that can aid digestion and promote weight loss and linking apple consumption to reduced cancer risk and improved heart and lung health.

Try all colors and varieties of apples:

  • Start the day with an apple and lean protein
  • Take one to work for a portable snack
  • Make an apple part of a healthy lunch
  • Have an apple for dessert after dinner

My sons still tease me about convincing them that an apple can be dessert or that apples I cored and thinly sliced for them were “apple doughnuts”.

2 thoughts on “Eat An Apple

    • That is usually the time of day that I eat an apple, however I must admit that I love them for dessert after dinner drizzled with a little Fran’s caramel sauce.


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