Cook and Eat Together

“Food is more than Survival. With it we make friends, court lovers, and count our blessings”.

National Geographic, The Joy of Food December 2014

It is a foggy morning as I look out at the amazing view of the glowing Kingston ferry and sea otters hanging out on a piece of driftwood having a feast. We also had a feast in honor of friend Clara’s birthday “month” (we missed you Mary Lee).   Our yummy dinner included baked fresh crab cakes complements of Alice and “Stan the Man”, roasted & mashed sweet potatoes/granny smith apples, a salad topped with green beans, celery, red onions and olives, along with ham & homemade plum chutney from Clara and a very “carrot” cake from Jan, courtesy of the Blackbird Bakery in Winslow.

“Cook and eat meals together everyday.” Sharing a meal brings people together and connects us in a universal way. Gathering in the kitchen with friends and family to prepare and eat meals supports a well healthy lifestyle.

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