Move More

I grew up in a family that was physically active. My older brother ran to high school each morning so he could sleep in late and was jogging before it was a mainstream form of exercise. My middle brother encouraged my sister and I to jump off our garage roof with him (I am happy my mom will not see this post:). My sister and I would swim and tread water for hours in the summertime and my younger brother would shoot free throws on the driveway basketball court and play rebound with a tennis ball against our front porch steps for hours! Most children, as part of their play, are naturally physically active. “Identify specific ways to move more as part of your daily schedule.”


Some ways I move that are part of my daily schedule include:

  • Taking the stairs
  • Walking during my lunch
  • Dancing when I cook
  • Stretching before my evening shower


Most of us must intentionally plan how to move more. Success moving more will occur if it is scheduled during your daily routines.


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