Move with your friends

It seems like “girlfriends” often get together to “do lunch” or “happy hour”.  We crave that face-to-face emotional intimacy. Many guys hanging out seem to have the most fun when doing physical activities together such as hiking, fishing and “basketball and brew” or maybe… just brew.  I do know as the mother of sons and a sister of three brothers, that many males like participating in physical activities, especially if it is competitive!

My search on “what do girlfriends do together” had me falling off my chair with laughter! Yes, my friends and I have gone to movies together, celebrated our birthdays for three days (or more) and even spent the day at a spa naked together getting our bodies buffed and scrubbed.  But no, we have not laid in bed together texting or dissected the characters on reality television shows.  My close friends also know I do not do “book club”.  I think we should look to men to broaden our list of physical activities we try together.

My girlfriends and I love to cook and eat together, but mostly we love to laugh together!  We also like to laugh while we move:

  • walking on a beach
  • swimming in a lake
  • biking on paved trails
  • hiking in the hills
  • tubing on a river

“Move with your friends.”

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