Move with your significant other.

My husband and I grew up together and have very similar recreational interests and a healthy lifestyle.  We started off swimming/jumping off cliffs into lakes, hiking in the woods and canoeing.  Now we jog, walk, hike, bike, ski, swim and the list goes on and on. “Move with your significant other.”

Sweat Together, Stay Together in Psychology Today suggested that sharing fitness activities may give your relationship a new dimension:

  1. A joint physical challenge boosts your romantic relationship.
  2. Taking some time to master the exercise, then bringing your partner along will give you a performance boost.
  3. Exercise induces the symptoms of physiological arousal including sweaty hands, a racing pulse and shortness of breath which makes you more attractive to your partner.
  4. When partners each care about fitness it is easier for both to achieve their goals.
  5. Exercising together provides an opportunity to bond.

There are many different aspects to a couple’s compatibility.  Recreating and moving together seems to be the glue that connects many couples.Who would suspect that he or she would be attracted to that sweat glistening on your brow!


4 thoughts on “Move with your significant other.

  1. very good point about exercising together enhancing sexual attraction. I never really thought about that before. For those of us who are getting older with that aspect of our lives declining, it’s another great way to maintain interest and performance as we shape up.


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