Move in the direction of your dreams

It is very interesting that some need to make a career change because they have never really enjoyed what they have been doing. This was not the case for me. I loved what I was doing! I saw what a difference I was making in the lives of families so much so, that I accepted working a significant number of hours beyond a reasonable workweek in order to complete my job responsibilities. It took me years, because of my love for my colleagues and the families I was supporting, to accept that the only person who had control over my situation was me. “Take steps in the direction of your dreams.”

  • Reevaluate your priorities
  • Identify your passions and what feeds your spirit
  • Develop a plan/map a path towards your dream
  • Take steps that will lead you in the direction of that dream

It felt right to begin a new chapter in my life this fall. I very much miss those I teamed with for so many years, but I am so excited to follow my passion and use my skills to help others lead a healthier lifestyle.  It has been one month since I launched my website and blog.  I hope some of my well healthy ways are strategies you are now using to move you in the direction of wellness and health.  Start to identify your passions and live your dream today!


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