Choose water

For many, calories from sugared beverages, including flavored waters, adds significantly to their daily total intake. Make sure you know exactly how many empty calories you could be drinking. Choose water first.

WebMD lists the “Seven Wonders of Water”:

  1. Stay slimmer with water
  2. Boost your energy with water
  3. Lower stress with water
  4. Build muscle tone with water
  5. Nourish your skin with water
  6. Stay regular with water
  7. Reduce kidney stones with water

How much water you need depends things such as your size and activity level.   Shoot for 6 to 8 cups of fluids a day.

  • Drink water when you brush/floss your teeth
  • Drink water before and during meals
  • Drink water on your commute
  • Drink water at your desk while working
  • Drink water when you feel hungry
  • Drink water after working out
  • Drink water between alcoholic beverages

Remember water is the ultimate health drink!




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