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Eating Patterns

For many folks, changing eating habits is not an easy task. Unhealthy eating patterns can develop as part of daily routines. Follow healthy eating patterns such as eating whole foods. In Women’s Health the 10 Eating Habits of the Highly Successful and Fit are listed: They Tend to Stick to the Same “Daily Menu” They Eat […]
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Eat Heart-Healthy

The foods we eat can negatively or positively impact our heart health. Fuel your body with foods that keep you healthy. Protect your heart by eating heart-smart foods. According to certain key foods can reduce your risk of heart disease. Seven heart-healthy foods include: Oatmeal has soluble fiber that can decrease your LDL, the “bad” […]
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Eat Fat-Burning Foods

Food gives our bodies the energy we need for all of our daily activities. Energy is used for everything you do from sleeping to running up a flight of stairs. The number of calories you burn depends on your metabolic rate. A rise in metabolic rate is referred to as the thermogenic effect or response. […]
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New Year Grocery Shopping

During the holiday season it can feel like a junk food feeding frenzy. Many have good intentions and resolve to eat healthier and lose weight in the New Year. Researchers at the Cornell Food and Brand Lab uncovered some interesting grocery buying habits: Shoppers spend 15 % more on food during the holiday season (Thanksgiving […]
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Oh Joy

Have a happy and fun filled holiday season!

Schedule fun activities you enjoy during the holidays

For many, the holiday season is not a time of joy. I grew up in a family where holiday activities and celebrations were not overdone. My warmest, most positive memories were of family dinners and getting outside for some fun such as a snow ball fight, ice-skating or ice fishing on a frozen lake. Once […]
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Try something new that you have always wanted to do

As I was headed over to Leavenworth Washington to celebrate my daughter-in-law’s 30th birthday, I mentioned to her that I had always wanted to go on a sleigh ride and she agreed it would be so fun.  As we got off of the train, we stepped into a winter wonderland, which was the perfect setting […]
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The morning you were born was one of the foggiest I have ever seen. As we crawled along the freeway in the early morning soupy mist, I decided I needed to start my breathing. Oh my, I knew it was going to be close, but we made it. Hang with your son(s).   Do you […]
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Year of Yes-Put yourself 1st

I decided to do one last post this week based on Shonda Rhimes Year of Yes. One of the questions she asks herself is “I am great at taking care of other people. So why am I so bad at taking care of myself?” A crucial piece to living a healthy lifestyle is taking care […]
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Take short nature timeouts

Last month, I became stuck working on some projects I needed to finish.  I looked out the window and noticed the brilliant orange-yellow of a larch tree in my neighbor’s yard. Although a conifer, the larch is a deciduous tree and loses its leaves in the autumn. The western larch and subalpine larch grow in […]
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