Fitness starts in your head.

The desire to be fit, whatever the motivation, starts upstairs. And when I say upstairs, I mean in the brain. My passion for being fit is is renewed every time I research health and wellness topics, specific aerobic activities, strength training moves or strategies to improve my flexibility. Identify your health role models and regularly read information on physical activities and fitness.

Staying fit is one of the most effective ways to age well in mind, body and spirit. Look around and identify those people you know who are role models for how to live healthy and well. The person may be a coworker, a friend or relative or a public personality. Try to identify more than one person and at least one person who is older than you who inspires you to initiate some fitness goals.

For me, my first and most influential fitness role model is my mom. She is 91 years old and set a very clear example of how to maintain your physical fitness routines so you are strong, confident and age well. She walked a fast three miles everyday.  She also did calisthenics every morning before she hopped in her car to head to work!


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