Connect for emotional well-being

Connections with others provides emotional and physical-well-being. Although sharing your thoughts, feelings and dreams can feel uncomfortable to many, the emotional intimacy that can develop from those connections is an important source of support. Connect often with those who support your emotional-well-being.

The six key findings from a commission of 33 distinguished children’s doctors, research scientists, mental health and youth service professionals are outlined in Hardwired to Connect.The number one finding is that humans are hardwired to form relationships. “Biological systems predispose human beings to form and sustain enduring, nurturing relationships. Based on studies of both animals and humans, neuroscientists have come to understand that a complex system of hormones and other chemical messengers in the brain guides how we react to what’s happening to and around us. An important part of the system biologically predisposes us to form and sustain strong attachments to other people.”

While on maternity leave with a toddler and newborn, I lost both my dad and a close brother-in law within a few months of each other. My immediate family did not live near me and I also was not in regular contact with my work friends since I was out on leave. It was such a lonely and difficult period in my life. Those connections would have been a huge source of comfort and hope for me.

No one person in our life can satisfy our emotional intimacy needs.There is great benefit and power in those crucial family and friend connections that each of us make.


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