Spend a few days in the great green outdoors

For as long as I can remember green has always been my favorite color so it seems natural that I love being surrounded by the green outdoors. Seattle is known as the emerald city  since you see green in every direction you look!  Get away for a few days in the great green outdoors.

This is Your Brain on Nature in the January 2016 issue of National Geographic caught my interest because of my love of nature. Cognitive psychologist David Strayer’s research using an EEG device, which records brain waves, indicates that when we slow down and take in beautiful natural surroundings our mental performance improves. The prefrontal cortex of your brain on nature dials down for a rest. More importantly, we feel restored! He suggests that the antidote to the multitasking and distractions in modern life is Nature.

Immersing yourself in beautiful green spaces for a few days is healthy and may also positively impact higher order problem solving.


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