Get up and get started, it’s a new day!

Yesterday the Seattle Seahawks were knocked down and out of the play offs.  As the game against the Panthers progressed, the team continued to battle with the support of their coaches and the 12s.  They played with pride and the belief they would get back into the game in order to make up the deficit.  The Seahawks worked hard and struggled until the very end of the game.  Time ran out.

Today, they will pick themselves up and begin to prepare for a new season.  Great coaches, like Pete Carroll, accept players where they are, run along the sideline with them and inspire them to reach their potential.  He encourages each to “focus on what you can be instead of what you can’t”.

We are all players in the game of life and can work just like the Seahawks to attain our goals.  Get in the game, set some goals with measurable short-term objectives, and work to reach your potential.  Are you in the game? Get up and get started, it’s a new day!


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