Create measurable specific actions steps in writing

In my professional life, I have created and implemented thousands of Individualized Education Plans that targeted improving communication and social skills.   In addition, my experience includes coordinating teams of early intervention professionals to develop goals and clear measurable objectives for other teams to use as a “blueprint” for accomplishing change.

One of the ways to have success making changes in lifestyle is to write down priority goals and make a clear plan of the path you will follow to reach your destination.  Life is ever-changing and any plan needs to be reviewed regularly. Create a written plan with your goal and measurable specific action steps to complete.

As a Wellness and Health Coach I work with clients to co-create a Personalized Wellness and Health Plan (PWHP) that will support them in making the changes needed to live a healthier lifestyle.  A goal is a broad target (improve fitness) while action steps (walking, strength training, playing soccer, biking) are very specific and measurable.  Without specific measurable action steps, success reaching goals is unlikely.  It is important that your plan include both a goal and actions steps.  Action steps should be written SMART:

  • S=specific steps
  • M=measurable
  • A=achievable action words
  • R=realistic and relevant
  • T=time-limited

This strategy for setting yourself up to accomplish your goals is something that has generalized in my personal life due to how successfully it has worked for me professionally

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