Gather needed support

I started blogging this past Monday about the Seattle Seahawks exit from the playoffs. It was a sad day for all the 12s. The Wall Street Journal stated that “the Panthers rolled to a 31-0 first half lead against Seattle only to watch the Seahawks yank nearly all of it back.  A blowout was whittled down to an escape”.  I am sure the Seahawks are now working hard to develop clear action steps that will lead them back to the playoffs next season!

I believe there are many reasons for the Seahawks success in the last few years and one of those reasons is Pete Carroll and his staff of coaches. Coaching is not counseling, managing, training or mentoring someone. The article How to Master the Art of Coaching had these pearls of wisdom:

Coaching is:

  • About the person
  • Looking at the person holistically
  • Looking at the future with them
  • About discovering and asking questions 
  • About giving a person room to use their own expertise to grapple with problems and discover solutions
  • Helping the person reach their potential
  • Helping the person to see/understand obstacles that could prevent them from success

For some, their friends or family are not those who can support them in achieving their goals. That is when having an effective coach can make a significant difference. Gather a support team to assist you with your wellness and health goals.

In a conversation with an acquaintance of mine regarding the wellness and health coaching profession, she mentioned the positive experience she and her husband have had with coaching and how coaches “can change lives”!


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