Esther Yalowitz moved to Seattle in September 2010.  She moved away from her home in Greenbelt Maryland to be close to her family who wanted to help care for her as her dementia progressed.  She first resided in assisted living at Faerland Terrace.  On October 11, 2015, she moved to the Noagi Adult Family Home in Bellevue Washington.  On January 22, 2016, at the age of 90 she passed away. She will be so missed by her family:(

This post is dedicated to Claudia Noagi and the entire Noagi family and their staff who took such amazing care of Esther the last few months of her life.  Yes, she loved you as much as we do!  There really are no words to convey our sincerest thanks and appreciation for all you did for Esther and her family.

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