Mindful eating

When I walked in Starbucks very early two days ago, it was pretty empty except for a young woman (in her late teens or early twenties) not warmly dressed, holding her little baby wrapped in a blanket, standing in line ahead of me.  She ordered a water and went to the back to sit down and give her little one some sips.  I took a booth seat behind her, but I could overhear her phone call to someone who she was pleading with to come and pick her up.  The person was clearly not able to come get her.  I walked up front to get some napkins and she looked teary sitting with her baby in the corner.

I opened up my wallet and pulled out a twenty.  I walked over to her and handed the twenty dollars to her and she shook her head and refused to take it!  She seemed very embarrassed and said “no I do not want your money”.  I got down on one knee so we were face to face and told her. “you need this money and I am able to and want to give it to you”.  I told her she could get some food for she and the baby and she said no, but I could sense she really wanted to take the money.  So I told her I have two sons and although I do not have any grandchildren, she could be my daughter and this little one could be my grandchild.  “Please take this money.”  She looked at me and said she really did need to get a cab and I said you can do whatever you need to with the money, just take it.  She said thanks and took the money and I went over and sat down.  I did not watch her leave since I did not want to make her uncomfortable.  The blog post I was working on that morning was “mindful eating”!  Here was a young women with a little one in crisis in Starbucks and I was working on my blog post “mindful eating”.  There are so many needy people in the world who cannot even afford to buy food, let alone “eat mindfully”!  So remind yourself:

“I know that I am fortunate, and I feel compassion for all of those who have no food to eat, or who are without friends or family.  We can be aware of this right at our dinner table.  Mindful eating can cultivate the seeds of compassion and understanding.  Those seeds can sprout and grow inside us and give us the determination to help hungry and lonely people to be nourished.”  (Thich Nhat Hanh-from Making Space)

My challenge to you:

If you are in Starbucks or any location where you see someone in need of food and you have the capacity to give, reach into your pocket and help that person. Give what you can to help others who need nourishment.

Contact Well Health Coach Jan jan@wellhealthyways.com 


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