Keep cool and find your purpose

Optimism and a sense of purpose in life are associated with longer survival. A mind-body connection ties mental and emotional well- being to the health of the heart. Having a positive attitude is also important. Stay positive and find your purpose.

Stress and negative emotional states such as anger raise the heart rate and blood pressure. There is some evidence that getting very angry can increase your short-term risk of having a heart attack. Here are some ways to keep your cool:

  • Recognize when you are mad
  • Turn off the news
  • Beware of the company you keep
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Learn to breath better

(from Secrets to a Healthy Heart from Time Inc.)

Having a higher sense of purpose, passion and meaning in your life has been shown to lower risk of death and cardiovascular disease.   Research has shown those who have a clear sense of purpose:

  • Take better care of their health
  • Live longer
  • Handle pain better
  • Are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s
  • Have more positive relationships with others

I do believe I am a positive person, however having a purpose in life is also important. As we age we may need to refocus and that purpose could change. For young adults the purpose might be stimulating work or it could be nurturing family relationships. As we age and continue to define our passions, that purpose and meaning in life may just jump out and grab you!





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