Prevent accidental deaths

My brother-in-law Jim Vespa was electrocuted on the job when he was only 33 years old. My sister Jill and their two young school aged children Dawn and Brad were left without a husband and dad in an instant. Jim was like a brother to my biological brothers and me. I will never forget his huge tooth-filled grin and gregarious laugh or his voice belting out songs from the radio as he chauffeured Jill and I to high school in his Ford Mustang.  Be vigilant and safe to prevent serious accidents.

Unintentional injury risks include lack of seatbelt use, lack of motorcycle helmet use, unsafe consumer products, drug and alcohol use (including prescription drug misuse), exposure to occupational hazards, and unsafe home and community environments.

According to Listosaur, accidents rank as the No. 1 cause of death for those ages 1 to 42, according to the National Safety Council. They are the fifth-leading cause of death across all age groups and are topped only by a few illnesses that include heart disease and cancer. It is not just the heavy-machinery operators, high-rise window washers or electricians who most frequently succumb to fatal accidents. The majority of accidental deaths happen at home or out in the community and not in the work setting. The top five causes often stemming from routine activities.

  1. Motor Vehicle Incidents (42,000 annual deaths)
  2. Poisoning (39,000 annual deaths)
  3. Falls (25,000 annual deaths)
  4. Fires (2,700 annual deaths)
  5. Choking (Approximately 2,500 deaths per year)

Accidents happen! Do not think that an unintentional accident will not happen to you or someone you love. My son James, who is named after his Uncle Jim, had a serious firework accident that required emergency abdominal surgery. There really are no adequate words to describe what it is like to lose someone from a tragic accident.

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