Unsicker reunion visit

I just returned from a two-week visit to Central Illinois to visit family and attend my mom’s reunion.  Reunions are a great way to gather extended families together and are becoming rare given many of us often do not live geographically close to each other.  Seeing your extended family can give you a chance to reconnect, create some new memories and reminisce about the good and not so good times. My mom comes from a large family as she was one of thirteen children.  At the reunion her immediate family won the prize for the most members attending along with having the family who came the farthest distance.  However, we did not guess the correct/closet number of jelly beans in the jar or weight of the water melon!  Pictured below is my mom (in the light green shirt) and her three remaining siblings along with one of their cousins.



One of the ways I put myself first is to focus on eating mostly healthy food and moving everyday even when I am traveling or on vacation.  During this visit I was able to rent a bike for a week and try out my sister-in-law’s water aerobics class.  I also got in some lake swimming, hiking and niece Sarah taught me I really could hula hoop! Even getting in a fast walk everyday can make a difference. Plan ahead to keep your healthy routines even when you are not at home.

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