Deep water aerobics

A great time to try something new is when you are not able to keep up your routine physical activities while away from home.  I have always loved the water and spent hours on end swimming and playing in the water with my sister when we were young.  In high school, I became a certified water safety instructor and during college worked as a pool guard during the summers.  In the last five years, I began doing lap swimming to train for sprint triathlons.  My daughter-in-law encouraged me to try out the water exercise class she had dropped in on at our local pool and I found it was something that appealed to me even though I have never been a fan of group exercise programs.  While I was back in the midwest recently, sister-in-law Susan invited me to attend her deep water aerobics class at River City in Peoria Illinois.  Susan is a former physical education teacher with a variety of experience teaching all types of aerobic classes.  Here is a video of her class I dropped in on and I must say it was quite a workout!

There are times when it is necessary for us to try new ways of moving due to an injury or just as a result of issues such as aging joints and how our bodies response to certain types of exercise.  Sometimes we discover new activities that play off of ones we have always loved. For me it is moving in the water!

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