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What about a mountain bike? Biking on a trail is peaceful and an enjoyable way to get some exercise.  If you have a road bike, you can bike with your kids in your neighborhood or to a nearby park.


What about a summer hike?  Summer is the perfect time for a hike in the mountains by a scenic river.


What about a walk by a river or a lake?

Play now

This is the season to get active so get out and play!

Cooking connects us

I really love to cook together with friends and family.  Sometimes it can get a little crowded in the kitchen and if my son has his smoker fired up  it can get a little “heated”, but the results are usually spectacular. Last summer my daughter-in-law made our family amazing Grace paella.  I made the sides […]
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Cooking for K

Sometimes I will get a text from my son “want to make me dinner Thursday night”?  I love to have him over, but it can be a bit of a challenge deciding what to prepare since he eats out at VERY nice restaurants. At the a great post about cooking is “I cook because… […]
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Cooking is a sensory experience

There are certain recipes that I tend to make again and again.  Usually because those I cook for think the recipe is delicious and sometimes just because it is so fun to make.  Measuring, chopping, and squishing the ingredients between your fingers is a wonderful sensory experience  (making meatloaf for example:) It makes you feel like […]
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The four F’s of cooking

Some of the best recipes are found in personal cookbooks from family, friends, PTAs etc… My son’s childcare at Eastgate Elementary put out a call for all of our children’s favorite recipes and the Dutch Baby recipe taken from that cookbook has become a favorite in our family.   On the love of cooking […]
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Why I love to cook

A Swanson’s “Why I Cook” ad in Food & Wine magazine recently caught my eye.  Their ad campaign which started in 2013 seeks to appeal to a growing number of consumers who actually like spending time in the kitchen.  Since I LOVE to cook, I decided to do an internet search on “Why I love […]
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Supporting children after terrorist attacks

“Terrorism is as old as history and almost certainly older. In 68 B.C., for instance, the Roman city of Ostia, a vital port for one of the world’s earliest superpowers, was set on fire by a band of thugs. They destroyed the consular war fleet and, rather embarrassingly, kidnapped two leading senators. Panic ensued—the same […]
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