Try new ways to move-hula hoop!

The first weekend we arrived in town for the reunion weekend, we went out to “the lakes”  for a bonfire and BBQ!  Niece Sarah had her hula hoops hanging close by and got all of us trying our hand at a little hula hoop action:)  I told her I had tried when I was young, but I just could not get the hang of it. (Bigger hoops are easier (a slower spin), smaller hoops are harder-there are different sizes).  She worked with me and had us all going at it while we stood around the fire listening to her hubby Dan’s great tunes.  Check out the site to see some great videos (my favorite is the Pokemon LED hooping)!

I have returned home to familiar activities, but I want Sarah to know that I now have my very own hula hoop and I plan to use it regularly to work on my core and just have some fun!

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