I need a snack/lunch-QUICK

Leading a healthy lifestyle is all about the choices we make everyday, which includes how we fuel our bodies.  However, making healthy food choices “on the go” can be risky.  Convenience food  is often filled with too much sugar, salt and other ingredients you may not even recognize!

Being prepared and organized can keep you on track:

  • Have nutritional snacks on hand that are ready to grab and go
  • Check out the nutrition facts on snack foods and look for protein and fiber that will satisfy your hunger and not fill you up with sugar
  • Place whole foods such as nuts and veggies in single portion size baggies
  • Keep these snacks in a specific spot in your pantry/refrigerator or visible on a counter to reach for when you are headed out the door

Since I had been away visiting family my snack shelf was empty last week.  Midday I stopped into my neighborhood drugstore to grab a snack.  It is not always easy to quickly find a healthy snack.  You need to “know the facts about snacks”!  See what I discovered in the aisles.


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