Fun at Doe Bay

“My body, my soul and my mind, simultaneously response to good music.”-Lailah Gifty Akita

We decided to bring our bikes to Orcas so we could get our heart rate up on some “rolling hills” when we were not chilling out listening to all the great music. I biked to Moran State Park, but declined to tackle the climb up Mt. Constitution and chose instead to ride the “rolling steep hills” back to the music festival.  On Saturday, I took a ride on some “off the beaten path” back roads for a little solo time.

When I returned I was ready for some fun in the sun and dancing at Doe Bay. Grace Love & the True Loves got me up and moving  She was all decked out in purple and even sang a little Prince music. Many groups made me want to get up and move to the music, but I was on my feet for her entire set!  See one of Grace’s You Tube videos below.

“When music hits you, you dance.”-Lailah Gifty Akita


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