Monthly Archives: July 2016

Try new ways to move-hula hoop!

The first weekend we arrived in town for the reunion weekend, we went out to “the lakes”  for a bonfire and BBQ!  Niece Sarah had her hula hoops hanging close by and got all of us trying our hand at a little hula hoop action:)  I told her I had tried when I was young, […]
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Biking back home

I try to do as many of those activities that keep me moving when I am at home when I visit elsewhere on vacation.  Sometimes it is difficult if there is no access to certain facilities or equipment.  This past visit to my home town of Peoria Illinois, I was able to rent a very […]
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Hanging outside in nature

While I was visiting family I got a chance to spend time outside. I walked/hiked in the woods and went biking on black top roads with little or no traffic. There were great views of the corn fields and small lakes I swam in as a child. As an adult, it is very special to experience […]
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Deep water aerobics

A great time to try something new is when you are not able to keep up your routine physical activities while away from home.  I have always loved the water and spent hours on end swimming and playing in the water with my sister when we were young.  In high school, I became a certified […]
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Unsicker reunion visit

I just returned from a two-week visit to Central Illinois to visit family and attend my mom’s reunion.  Reunions are a great way to gather extended families together and are becoming rare given many of us often do not live geographically close to each other.  Seeing your extended family can give you a chance to […]
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Off for a family visit

I captured these blooms on the native plants in my yard.  Oh what a sight!   I am closing my computer while I spend time visiting family and attending our reunion in the midwest. I came upon this plant pictured above along a road while walking on Vashon Island! “Let yourself be silently drawn by […]
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Look for the miracles

I just love the views from this lookout point on Maury Island! “Each moment you are alive is a gem. It needs you to breathe gently for the miracles to be displayed.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh  

Find your path

I just love walking on this path between my house and neighbor Mike’s.  It reminds me of those paths described in children’s literature such as Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood, only not scary.  I remember walking along these paths with my sons when they were little so they could see all of the […]
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Nourish your spirit

We often get immersed in the pressures of daily living and lose sight of what really matters in life such as health and happiness.  We may neglect to focus on nourishing our spirit. On a recent mountain bike, I found a perfect spot just off the trail to sit down, close my eyes and listen […]
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July 4th

I hope you all had a chance to do some “playing” last week.  I certainly did!  Today is the 4th of July so it was a perfect long weekend to get out and play.  I did some tubing and biking while visiting with good friends.  We also shared some yummy meals and did a little […]
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