Make food/dining sacred

One of the most important ways to lay a strong foundation for your personal health and wellness, is to intentionally create food practices such as shopping for and planning healthy meals and snacks.  Each of us has the power to change our environment so that we make healthy choices.  One person or family can take action steps to make small changes regarding what and how they nourish themselves each day.



Knowing the portion sizes of the most healthy foods to eat can add years to your life.  In the Blue Zones, growing, preparing, serving, and eating are all sacred practices.  These practices bring their families, communities, and their beliefs together.  These are powerful practices that  you can modify and put to use in your own life.

In most Blue Zones, residents eat a large breakfast before work, a medium-size late lunch, and a light early dinner.  Sometimes they eat a midmorning piece of fruit or a midafternoon handful of nuts.  However, they do not snack throughout the day.

Eat breakfast like a King (or Queen)


  • Make breakfast your largest meal and include protein, complex carbohydrates, and plant-based fats.
  • Fix breakfast based on your schedule.  It could be early or as late as noon.
  • Breakfast can be foods other than cereal and eggs.  In the Blue Zones, it might include corn tortillas, beans, or miso soup.

Taken from National Geographic’s  “The Blue Zones-The Science of Living Longer”

Most mornings I have a yogurt or oatmeal and fruit along with some nuts. The fruit might be fresh such as an apple, orange, or banana or dried fruit along with nuts in a bowel of oatmeal.  I sometimes make an egg dish (crustless Quiche or frittata with lots of vegetables) for dinner and save the leftovers for breakfast the next morning.  If I have a casserole that is a particular favorite of mine I might have it the next day for breakfast or an early lunch.

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