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My “Joint Journey”

It has been one month since I had my hip replaced at the Swedish Orthopedic Institute in Seattle. The last time I had spent any time at Swedish was to give birth to my sons in the mid 80’s. Due to Covid 19 there are strict rules and limits regarding who can come in with […]
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Healthy Lifestyle-Healthy Aging

Yes we begin to age on the day we are born, but how we age is up to us. We have a significant amount of control by focusing on living a healthy lifestyle, which is a larger determinant of our health than genetics is. Here are changes to expect as you continue aging — and […]
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Outexercising Extra Calories is Almost Impossible

I really enjoyed reading this interview I found on GrubStreet before my walk this morning.   GrubStreet is one of the nation’s leading creative writing centers.  Here was one of the interviewer’s questions: Q:  I want to lose weight. Is diet really more important than exercise? “Yes. It is much easier to outeat running than […]
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Eat Right Bite by Bite

Today is the last day of March and due to the coronavirus pandemic, I missed blogging about National Nutrition Month.  Since we are all hunkered down, their could not be a better time to cook and eat whole foods at home.  This is your opportunity to really focus on what you drink and what you […]
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Boosting Your Immune System

The arrival in Seattle and the United States, of Covid-19 has been an eye-opening experience.  It landed on our shores and is altering our daily lives in ways we never really could have imagined. There have been those trying to educate us to become prepared, only apparently we were not listening.  It seems to be […]
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Stuck in a Rut?

Last weekend I was out at Lake Sammamish State Park to watch the start of the MFG cyclocross season. I lived near this amazing park for decades and have vivid memories of hanging out here to bike, picnic, swim, walk our dogs, and just have fun playing with our sons.  I realized I was stuck […]
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Long Weekends

The three-day weekend is something we all seem to love!  A long summer weekend with the perfect fun activities, food, friends, and family, not to mention beautiful weather, is one of life’s special treats. What a great start to the month of September, which for me, always feels like the beginning of a new year!

Summer Eating

I find it is so much easier to eat healthy in the summer.  Right now it so easy and cheap to add in season vegetables and  fruit into all of your meals and snacks.  These whole foods are loaded with vitamins and minerals and ripe summer fruit can satisfy that sweet tooth anytime of day.  As […]
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Can it be just four short years ago the sun set on this special McYalowitz day? The setting and weather were so perfect for your wedding! Happy 4th Anniversary Kevan & Grace! The sweet sisters and the wild brothers, along with family and friends, came together to celebrate your love! And then we ate… wow did […]
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Family, Fun, and Food

There are an unlimited number of ways to play.  One of my favorite ways to play is by spending time in the kitchen.  I especially love cooking with family and friends.  It is like a double dose of fun.  My featured photo is a mostly vegan meal I made for some special young women in […]
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