Four always, four to avoid

Blue Zone residents have access to locally grown vegetables and fruits and cook at home to make healthy foods taste good. We can all work towards making better food choices that support longevity by following guidelines that push out processed food and sugar and replaces them with nutritious whole foods.

Four always/four to avoid

Start with simple food guidelines or strategies to make kitchens healthier.

***Four Always-best foods to always have on hand that are readily available, taste good, and can be included in most meals

  1. 100% whole wheat bread-for toast or sandwiches
  2. Nuts-a handful a day
  3. Beans-dry or canned
  4. Fruits-in a bowl in your kitchen

***Four to Avoid-foods highly correlated with obesity, heart disease, or cancer

  1. Sugar-sweetened beverages-empty calories
  2. Salty snacks-too much salt and preservatives
  3. Processed meats-linked to cancer and heart disease
  4. Packaged sweets-cookies, candies banned from the pantry

Taken from National Geographic’s  “The Blue Zones-The Science of Living Longer”


The avoid foods on the above list are constant temptations in the average American diet. If you choose to have these as a “once-in-awhile” indulgence, get a single serving to consume and do not keep any others on hand in your kitchen.


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