Very Special Women

Celebrations and family traditions feel different after you lose someone you love.  Since my mom died this past February, each significant life event, such as a birthday, is forever changed.  Today is one of those days that will never feel the same for me.  Traditions will change, but the memories will always remain.

Mom and I checking out a bunny in her side yard.

Memories of birthdays with my mom include special times swimming at “the lakes” or eating a dinner of my choice at the picnic table in our backyard on a hot summer day.  The birthday meal was always followed by a light and fluffy angel food cake mom had creatively decorated with “Happy Birthday Jan”.  Once I blew out my candles, I would top my piece of cake with strawberries and whipped cream and dig into that sweet piece of love from “Edie’s kitchen”.

After I moved far from home, I always got a call on my birthday from mom and she would sing me happy birthday;)

I am so lucky to have amazing women in my life who have given me love, joy, and laughter.  Each of you know who you are how special you are to me. I did not make a post on sister Jill’s birthday (my heart was just not ready and the words would not come) so I decided to dedicate my birthday post to her and mom, the most significant women in my life.

Mom filled my life with love and Jill you continue to fill my life with love AND laughter!

2 thoughts on “Very Special Women

    • Thanks so much Clara! Grace and I celebrated a special memory of Edie by stopping at the DQ on the way back to Seattle. Each of us had my mom’s favorite treat, a soft serve DQ cone:)


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