Four Months

Today’s your birthday brother Steve!  I awoke early this morning thinking about you and Edie. I love the photo of you taken at Brad and Shanna’s wedding. You are sitting right between the woman who gave you life and the woman who is the catch of your life.  How lucky can one guy get to have Edie for a mom and Susan for a wife!

It has now been four months since mom died and your first birthday without her;(  I hope you know what a great son you were to her.  Both you and sister Jill made it possible for her to stay in her home these last few years as her health declined.  The home she loved and lived in for 62 years!  I know that she sometimes expressed her frustrations and displayed her orneryness mostly for the two of you, since you saw her daily and she trusted you to be there for her.  But I want you to know, mom told me on many occasions that she knew she could not continue to live there without the support of both of you.

There was nothing quite like walking into Edie’s kitchen just after she had baked some of her yummy cookies.

I took this close up of shot of one of my favorite cookie recipes from mom. You can almost smell and taste these delish shortbread chocolate chip cookies. In fact, I hope you were able to taste them:)  Edie was your special “cookie queen” Steve and you were her biggest “cookie monster”!

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