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Wine on the deck

When I was heading to Hawaii right after my mom passed away, I felt very disconnected. Sitting on a deck gazing out at sunsets on Kauai, listening only to the sound of the crashing surf on the shore, was how I began the healing process. Yes, I felt the presence of amazing Edie.

Biking on Kauai

The first time I had done biking on Kauai was on this March 2017 visit.  We rented some very nice Kona rode bikes from Outfitters Kauai and biked around the Poipu area. Spending days relaxing and moving was good for the soul. I felt the presence of my mom. We also took the bikes up to a […]
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Walking/Hiking in Hawaii

Another great feature of the Kauai Grand Hyatt is its proximity to the south side of the island.  It is a beautiful walk to visit Poipu’s beaches or head over in the evening to Brenneke’s Beach Broiler and listen to some live music. I thought of my mom when I walked past this umbrella with no […]
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Swimming in Hawaii

The Kauai Hyatt has a very large sand-salt water pool that is perfect for swimming laps.  It lies between the hotel and the ocean and it was one of the reasons I love to go back and stay at this property. First you heat up on the beach and then you jump in the water […]
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Coping Strategies

I have been grieving the loss of my mom most of the year.  As the news from Las Vegas unfolded this week, it has been difficult to grasp the number of people who are grieving the loss of their loved one or lived through this unimaginable act of terrorism.  If a circle was drawn around […]
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Four Months

Today’s your birthday brother Steve!  I awoke early this morning thinking about you and Edie. I love the photo of you taken at Brad and Shanna’s wedding. You are sitting right between the woman who gave you life and the woman who is the catch of your life.  How lucky can one guy get to […]
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Three Months

It is amazing how fast and how slow three months can pass.  It has been just over three months since my mom died.  Some days it feels like yesterday, and other days it seems as if she has been gone for years.  I continue to have this urge to call her to get some advice […]
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