Now is the time

Tis the season for any reason to overindulge (i.e. have too much of something enjoyable, especially food or drink)! Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season in which we often gratify to an excessive extent.  We eat too much food and drink to many alcoholic/nonalcoholic sugar filled beverages. I chose to have crustless pecan pie for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner and again on Thanksgiving day.  The overindulgence was having two glasses of wine with dessert since I could not decide which wine I wanted more.  I could have made a choice between the two and just had one glass!

After the holidays, there will be an onslaught of information with tips for recovering from the holiday season. In January, many will be setting New’s Year Resolutions, often based on those over indulgences.

Now is the time to be proactive as the holiday season is beginning; so map out a strategy with specific goals (you could call them Year End Resolutions) and action steps to maintain and/or develop a healthier lifestyle.  Often we tell ourselves “I will start tomorrow” and that day never comes. You will have a head start when January rolls in if you begin right now🙂

One of my WHW (Well Healthy Ways) goals for the holiday season:

#limit my wine intake

The action steps:

*only have one glass of wine with dinner

*if I have dessert I will finish that one glass of wine with dessert

Write action steps that are measurable. Make sure you communicate to a buddy (family member/friend/coach) your specific plan so they can help you hold yourself accountable to you:)

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