Develop a healthy holiday eating plan

I make sure I have a healthy eating plan ready for the holidays so I can indulge in my favorite chocolate in moderation! If you are considering being proactive about eating healthy this holiday season, here are six simple tips from Healthy Eating by Very Well to help get you started on a plan.

Don’t Give Up Your Favorite Foods

Enjoy your favorite unhealthy/less healthy foods in moderation.

Always Look at Nutritional Info Before Dining Out

Plan ahead and go online before you leave the house, and do some research on the best food choices.

Eat a Breakfast That’s Full of Protein and Fiber

Protein and fiber will help you feel full all morning long.

Have Healthy Emergency Snacks on Hand

Keep healthy snacks in your purse, desk drawer, and car to grab when you need to fuel up.

Do Some Food Prep Over the Weekend

Prepare healthy meals/snacks in advance is one of the most effective ways to help you eat smart eat.

Fill up a Fruit Bowl and Put It Somewhere Visible

“If you can see smart snacks, you’ll eat smart snacks.”

The bold tips are great goals, but you should specify and define measurable action steps for any goal that will assist you in a healthy eating holiday.  For example, when I grocery shop each week my action step is to:  purchase and prepare  at least 3 healthy single serving snacks to eat each day.  Since I place three pieces of fruit out on a plate to finish by the end of each day (smart snacks I can see), I know I will  be eating healthy snacks throughout the day!

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