Sad Suicide in the Sky

Wellness is multi-dimensional and includes mind, body, and spirit.  A strong foundation in each is important to live a healthy life. I believe that the physical component of health may be of less individual importance than any of these interrelated factors. Unfortunately, the stigma of mental health issues is ever-present!

The stolen Horizon airplane at Seatac airport continues to dominate the news this morning as I look out over Puget Sound.  We are learning more about Richard “Beebo” Russell who in his own words stated “I am just a broken guy, got a few screws loose, I guess, never really knew until now.”  A family representative, Mike Mathews was quoted “It may be difficult to those watching at home to believe, but Beebo was a warm, compassionate man. We are devastated by these events.” I believe the young man who flew away from Seattle’s airport and took his life over South Puget Sound was warm and compassionate.  Suicide prevalence is much higher what you might expect. Each of us can raise our awareness of those who may be suicidal and struggling with depression.  You can make a difference in their life.

Here are some ways to deal with the everyday stress of life from the experts at John Hopkins:

^Identify triggers – relationships, kids, workload, a health problem – identify practical steps to improve your situation and/or shift your perspective to help mitigate stress

^Stay connected – maintaining, improving, and increasing healthy relationships with supportive friends and family powerfully promotes resilience

^Stay active – physical activity releases feel-good endorphins-take short walking breaks several times a day and exercise in ways you enjoy with friends-staying connected

^Find your “pause” button – during times of great change, high demand, or significant loss, press pause and rest-let yourself just say No-consider spending quiet time each day in contemplation and reflection-just breathe

^Plan your fun – plan your fun for the day-week, month, and year-find fun activities that suit you and put them on your calendar

^Reframe your thinking about stress itself – stress responses, including faster heart rate and breathing, evolved to improve our performance-reminding yourself of stress’s evolutionary value may can reduce feelings of stress

(from John Hopkins Healthy Mind)

Richard Russell had mental health issues reaching above and beyond just dealing with the everyday stressors of life.  Many of us join with Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden who stated “we want to express our sincere sympathy to his family, loved ones and co-workers”.  Educate yourself about suicide prevention and be the one to save a life!  The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255.


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