Monthly Archives: July 2018

Family, Fun, and Food

There are an unlimited number of ways to play.  One of my favorite ways to play is by spending time in the kitchen.  I especially love cooking with family and friends.  It is like a double dose of fun.  My featured photo is a mostly vegan meal I made for some special young women in […]
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What is play?

Play can be loosely defined and seems to be unique for each individual.  What might be fun for me, might not be for you. The possibilities for play are endless. I recently got the chance to hang out with some very special friends in the perfect location. Time spent with these ladies is all about […]
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Play for Personal Health

I just love riding my mountain bike in the mountains on backwoods roads or single track.  Biking is such a great alternative for many like me with joint issues! This is a pretty sweet ride that helps me to be a safe biker on hills and uneven terrain. When did you last take time for […]
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Play Power

Regular exercise, healthy eating, and strong connections are important for wellness, but fun is also an important piece of the puzzle.  I was busy doing lots of playing last month.  A good friend of mine suggests we celebrate the entire month of our birthday and mine is in June, so I decided to take extra […]
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Just one short year ago the sun set on this spectacular day.  The setting and weather were so perfect for your wedding day!   . Happy 1st Anniversary James and Mindy!

Celebrate Safely

Experts conclude that July 4th is the most dangerous American holiday weekend of the year. Taken from the LA Times 7/5/14, “The National Safety Council estimated that there would be 385 deaths and 41,200 injuries — including car crashes,  swimming incidents and fireworks accidents — this Fourth of July. Last year, there were eight deaths […]
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Do you know what anniversary means? It is the annual recurrence of a date marking a notable event, not just a marriage!  Today is July 2nd, the date of my mom’s birth.  This is the second year celebrating this date since she passed away. Making connections is one of the ways to support health and wellness. […]
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