Signs of Hearing Loss

All infants should have a hearing screening before they are one month old.  If the infant does not pass the first screening they should have a complete hearing test before three months of age and if a loss is found begin early intervention services before six months of age. (

A few years ago I saw this little guy who was hearing the beat of the live music at the Pybus Public Market in Wenatchee WA.  A small group had gathered to watch him dance and I got permission from his dad to take a short video of his little cutie!

Two types of objective test technologies can be used to screen for hearing loss in newborns: otoacoustic emissions (OAE) and the auditory brainstem response (sometimes called ABR test or BAER test). However, no screening test is perfect. Children with mild hearing loss may pass newborn hearing screening. Newborn hearing screening cannot identify children with late onset or progressive types of hearing loss.

The single most important sign of hearing loss in the very young child is the failure to develop or delayed development of spoken language. Even if your child passed a hearing screening given in the hospital shortly after birth (newborn hearing screening test) and if you are concerned about your child’s communication development, tell your child’s primary care provider immediately.

Always be alert to situations where your child is not responding to sound appropriately, as this may be a signal of hearing loss.  It is important to remember that even mild forms of hearing loss can negatively impact a child’s ability to learn through the auditory channel. This means that children with mild hearing loss may have difficulty in school, and exhibit attention, behavioral or social problems in the classroom. If you are concerned about your child’s performance in school, request a comprehensive hearing evaluation.



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