Welcome to the official launch of the Well Healthy Ways blog!

September is the beginning of autumn and of a new academic year for many.  For me, this month has always seemed like the beginning of a new year more so than January, since it signals the end of a more relaxed schedule and all of those spontaneous activities I associate with the lazy, hazy days of summer.  I still love September.

Most people thrive on routines.  That is why the first ever published “well healthy way” is to “Establish and simplify healthy daily personal routines”.  Routines can work to place me first, or sabotage balance in my life. Healthy routines provide structure and predictability so I can focus on those activities that are a priority for me.  I choose not to be a slave to my routines and have flexibility to deviate from my schedule, but without regular routines my personal health and wellness would suffer.

I recently revised and settled into a new daily routine due to a career a transition. It feels so right!


2 thoughts on “Routines

  1. Wow, your blog looks beautiful! You have so many great ideas for easy ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I love it! Oh, and thank you for your birthday wish ; )


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