Sleep Routines

In an article entitled “Beyond Memory: The Benefits of Sleep” in the October 2015 issue of Scientific American, Robert Stickgold states:

“Taken together, the results of studies looking at the role of sleep in hormonal, immunological and memory functions suggest that if you do not get enough, you could-besides being very tired-wind up sick, overweight, forgetful and very blue”.

Sleep deprivation is under-acknowledged by health professionals and the public in general. Millions of Americans take over the counter or prescription medications for chronic sleep disorders. Our body needs sleep just like it needs water and food. Do you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night? If not, “Develop a personal one hour relaxing bedtime routine”. A lack of sleep can impair cognitive function, create major stress on body systems, contribute to obesity, accelerate aging and cause depression. These are some bedtime routines that can help you fall and stay asleep:

  • A consistent bedtime hour
  • A light snack before bed (i.e. a small banana with almond milk)
  • A warm shower or bath and a lotion massage
  • Quiet time and/or a calming music playlist
  • Dim lights
  • A good read for pleasure on a non-backlit device
  • A warm snuggle and sex with your partner

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