Connect/reconnect with yourself.

I believe I have had less hardship/tragedy in my life than many.  I can also identify life stages/times that were much more difficult than others. Life events such as the passing of loved ones, moves, a job loss or even situations that seem less stressful, such as living in a house with adolescents, can create a real crisis in spirit. Five years ago, I experienced some personal and professional challenges that became a crisis in my life. In an article entitled 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Connection to Yourself, Margarita Tartakovsky describes a process I went through without even realizing I was learning how to reconnect with myself. They include:

  • Let yourself become aware of your feelings
  • Identify and describe those feelings
  • Observe your thoughts and emotions
  • Engage in activities that bring you joy
  • Let go of judgment so you can respond to your needs

“Connect/reconnect with yourself.” When I began to intentionally make my own personal wellness foundation a priority, I found that working on my spirit was difficult because it is so personal. Focusing on taking care of myself physically has been much easier for me than learning to nourish my soul.

Wellness and health truly are multidimensional. You may eat healthy food and be in strong physical shape, but you also must be in touch with your spirit to live a healthy lifestyle. Just as our physical health is not static, our spiritual wellbeing also needs to be nurtured on an ongoing basis.

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