Spend time alone

I believe my personality traits have been one of the factors that have assisted me in working through stressful periods in my life without needing to stop and dig down deep within myself in order to move through a crisis. However, attempting to deal with multiple challenges a few years ago felt different and I experienced a serious level of unhappiness that I could not easily shake! “Spend time alone everyday”.

  • Turn off any background noise-be in the quiet stillness of a space
  • Think-be open and honest with yourself
  • Place those thoughts in a “brain file”-just feel
  • Then turn on some music and dance


At first, it was tough to be alone with my thoughts. It was important to really isolate myself in order to admit what I needed and wanted in my life. As I mentioned in my post about reconnecting, I had to stop judging myself so I could respond to those needs. I started participating more in those activities that I loved so I could be immersed in the joy it brought to me.  I began spending more time alone doing just “ME things”. With time, I was able to set some personal and professional goals that moved me in a positive and productive direction.

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