Do what you love everyday

When we spend too much time doing things we have to do (or think we have to do) and too little time doing what we love, we lose the balance in our life.   “Do what you love everyday”.

Make a list of what you love to do. Look carefully at that list and divide it into two lists-healthy and not so healthy. Work towards doing all of the “healthy” what you love to do items each and every day.   Make time once in awhile to indulge in the “not-so-healthy” what you love to do items.

Intentionally schedule the healthy what you love to do items every day until they are a natural part of your daily routine. My healthy love to do list includes:

  • Get outside and move, preferably among the trees
  • Stop and check out the view of the water and/or mountains
  • Drink green tea and/or coffee while I read the WSJ and ST
  • Spend time cooking/eating healthy food in my kitchen
  • Have a small piece of dark chocolate
  • Physically touch, hug and/or snuggle
  • Make someone smile/feel good-this could fit with the above item!

Some of the not-so healthy things I love to do include drinking my tea or coffee with a croissant/pastry, having a decadent dessert after dinner, arguing and debating a variety of topics and going to happy hour to dine and drink. Limit these items to weekly or a few times a month!


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