Just say no

There are many people that have difficulty saying no. I was one of those people until I decided to politely say “no thanks”. When I look back through the years, I am amazed at some of the multiple activities I was taking on during certain years. One year I was serving as a school board member, taught an evening adult education class, was a volunteer in both my son’s classrooms and was a co-leader of a Cub Scout group, all while working at my day job! Practice learning to say “no”.

In a Time article called How to Learn to Say No it is stressed that we overestimate the cost of saying no. Practice polite but assertive ways of doing it that contain no explanation:


  • “I can’t this time.”
  • “Sorry — not today.”
  • “That won’t work for me right now — but I’ll get back to you if anything changes.”
  • “I really appreciate you thinking of me, but I’ve just got too much on my plate right now.”

Cut out or decrease your optional commitments to increase your happiness and health.


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